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Creating a Private Sale

This tutorial will show you how to create a Private Sale on Dexpanse. We will use the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) Testnet, however the steps are exactly the same on the Mainnet. For those of you who wish to play around on the Testnet first, read about connecting to the Testnet network here.
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    First you will need the token that you want to make the Private Sale for. If you don't have one already, create one in minutes using Dexpanse's Token Builder service. You can create one on the Testnet for free. For instructions how to do so, click here.
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    Go to Dexpanse's Private Sale page and click CREATE YOUR PRIVATE SALE.
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    Find your tokens address. You can find it by clicking on the token in the Assets tab of your Metamask and then choosing the View Asset in Explorer in the ellipsis menu. There you will find the contract address of the token.
4. Copy your token's contract address and paste it into the appropriate field in Dexpanse's interface. Click VERIFY AND ADD.
Paste your token's contract address here
5. Input the Private Sale parameters. Take a look here, If you need help with understanding what the specific parameters are.
6. Next you have to decide whether to add the Vesting mechanic. If you do not check this box, then each Private Sale contributor will be able to withdraw all of the tokens that they bought immediately after finalization. Checking the box will lock a chosen percent of the tokens and release them linearly over a chosen period of time.
7. Add the Token Logo, Description, social media links and website.
8. Add a Dexpanse promotional code if you've got one.
9. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
10. Confirm the parameters.
11. Approve Dexpanse to access your tokens in Metamask.
12. Click Submit and complete the transaction in Metamask to create your Private Sale.
13. Congratulations! You've now created your Private Sale. You can view it in the Private Sale list or Manage it to add whitelisted addresses.
It is done.