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Private Sale

Many projects wish to give out tokens to the team and key investors at a greatly reduced price, however having no useful tool to do so, they ask the users to send them the base tokens to a given address and promise to send a certain amount of tokens back - this is a primitive and unsafe way to handle this problem. The Private Sale service handles this issue by providing Token Creators a convenient and safe way to distribute their tokens to a select group of users.
The Private Sale works on a whitelist only basis - only wallet addresses provided by the Private Sale Owner will be able to take part. To learn more about the whitelist, you can read how it is implemented in our Standard Sale service here.
For a step by step tutorial of how to create your own Private Sale, click here.

Liquidity & profit distribution

Unlike the Presale Services, the Private Sale does not create a AMM (Automated Market Maker) pair on a chosen decentralized exchange when finalized. Thus, all of the profits from the sale go to the Presale Owner, as no liquidity is created.
Important for Token Owners: once the Private Sale is finalized any participant will be able to withdraw their tokens. If by that time liquidity has not been added to a AMM pair then any user that has withdrawn their tokens can potentially create their own liquidity pair on any given dex and jeopardize the project. Thus, it is very important to finalize the Private Sale only once the desired liquidity pair has been created, unless you unequivocally trust all of the Private Sale participants.