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Singularity (SGY) is foremost a utility token for Dexpanse's platform. As Dexpanse introduces new services and projects it will always strive to incorporate Singularity and increase its usefulness.

Paying with Singularity

Dexpanse will make it possible to pay the base fees for all of its services on the BSC network partly in SGY, in which case the customer will receive a discount. This utility discount cumulates with any additional discounts received. Once the price for the service has has all other discounts applied, the user will have the possibility of reducing it by a further 10% (of this final price) by paying 20% of the total cost in SGY tokens. Half of these tokens will then be be automatically burned.

Staking SGY

Staking SGY allows users to participate in a variety of reward pools and earn along with the community. For more information on SGY staking and reward pools, read here.

Collect EPs

Holding, staking and using SGY will result in receiving Engagement Points and Engagement Trophies. This is one of he easiest ways to supercharge your Engagement Tier level and profit from all of the perks that are associated with it.