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The easiest way to engage and profit!
Any user that reaches Tier 2 in the Engagement System will be able to generate their very own Dexpanse Promotional Code (DPC). This code can then be used by any other wallet to receive a 15% discount on the base fee of creating a presale (open, closed and fair sale included). However, what is even more important is that the DPC creator will receive a 15% of Dexpanse's liquidity fee as an airdrop if the presale is finalized. Let's go over this using an example:
Alice has reached Tier 2 in the Engagement System and has created the promotional code SAMPLE-CODE. She knows that Bob has an upcoming token launch planned and so suggests to Bob that he uses Dexpanse's Open Sale service. As an additional incentive she gives him her promotional code. Bob decides that Dexpanse's service fits his needs perfectly and so proceeds to set up the Open Sale with a hardcap of 500 BNB. When prompted to input a promotional code, Bob inputs SAMPLE-CODE and has his base fee lowered from 1 BNB to 0.85 BNB. Bob's presale turns out to be a huge sucess, the hardcap is reached in mere minutes and the presale is finalized. As 500 BNB was gathered, Dexpanse's liquidity fee amounts to 2% of that (10 BNB). Out of this amount 15% (1.5 BNB) will be transferred directly to Alice's wallet.
Aside from the obvious financial incentive, having another user use your DPC will grant you additional Engagement Points (see Engagement Actions) and possible also an Engagement Trophy (see Engagement Trophies).
Note: as of now the Engagement System mechanic is live only on the Binance Smart Chain and the Dexpanse Promotional Code will only be available on this network.