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Engagement Points

Engagement Points (EPs) are at the heart of Dexpanse's "Engage to Earn" system.
There are many ways to earn Engagement Points (EPs), however they all boil down to interacting with Dexpanse's services. By earning EPs users will advance in Engagment Tiers and as a result benefit from various perks, ranging from discounts to BNB airdrops. EPs are:
  • permanent - once received EPs cannot be lost
  • non-transferable - it is impossible to transfer EPs from one wallet to another
  • non-marketable - EPs cannot be sold or bought
  • fungible - it does not matter how any EPs were obtained, an Engagement Point is always equivalent in value and utility to any other Engagement Point

Obtaining EPs

EPs are currently obtainable only through Engagement Actions or Engagement Trophies. Engagement Actions are repeatable - this means that each time that a given user carries out a given action they will be rewarded with a specified amount of EPs. On the other hand are Engagement Trophies which can only be earned once and sometimes have to be manually claimed by the user. Anytime an Engagement Trophy is awarded, a predetermined number of EPs are awarded along with the Trophy. While Dexpanse might add additional methods of earning EPs in the future, no other obtainment method is being planned or developed at the moment.