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Adding custom tokens to Metamask

If you have created a token using Dexpanse's Token Builder, but have forgotten to add it to your Metamask after finalizing a transaction, then this short tutorial will show you how to fix that. Do note, however, that provided you have successfully finalized the transaction, the token has already been safely added to your address, it just doesn't show until you add it to Metamask.
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    Open the Matamask widget and switch to the network that you have previously used to create your token.
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    Go to the Activity tab and find the transaction that was used to create the token. Knowing the fee that you paid will greatly help with that.
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    If Metamask has forgotten your transaction, or you're opening the wallet on a different device, then you can click the ellipsis menu at the top of the Metamask widget and choose the View Account in Explorer option to see all your transactions on this network.
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    Click on the correct transaction in Metamask to see its details and then choose the View on block explorer button. If you have found the transaction on the block explorer already, then go to the detailed view.
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    In the details of the transaction you will find the token you have created. On BSC this is in the Tokens Transferred section.
Click on the Test Token (TEST) in the Tokens Transferred section
9. Go to the details of the created token and copy its contract address.
Copy the Contract address
10. Back on Metamask, go to the Assets tab and scroll to the bottom to find and click the Import Tokens button.
11. Paste in the Token Contract Address of the created token and confirm with the Add Custom Token button.
12. Your token will now show in the Assets tab of your wallet, along with information regarding how many of these tokens you hold.