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Standard Sale

The Standard Sale is the basic Presale service variant, it gives greater flexibility to the Presale Owner, letting them decide who can take part in the presale. It also features an extra phase, accessible only to Dexpanse Engagement System users of at least Tier 1.
For a comprehensive list explaining each parameter utilized see: Presale Service/Presale Parameters. For a step by step tutorial on creating a Standard Sale, go to Creating a Standard Sale tutorial.

Listing price & hardcap

Unlike the Fair Sale variant, the Standard Sale does include the hardcap parameter. The hardcap determines the maximum amount of base tokens that can be raised in the presale. Once the hardcap is reached, the presale ends, regardless if its preset duration has not yet expired. By setting the hardcap and the number of tokens for sale, the Presale Owner defines the Presale rate at which presale participants will buy the sale tokens.
Additionally, if the Presale Owner so wishes they can decrease the listing rate down to 40% of the presale rate when setting up the presale. This can be done by manually setting the listing rate parameter which by default is set to the same value as the presale rate. A Presale Owner might want to inject such a feature as an extra incentive for users to take part in the presale. On the other hand setting the listing rate to low might encourage presale participants to dump their tokens immediately following the presale finalization, thus implementing a responsible listing to presale ratio is strongly advised.
If the presale never reaches the hardcap, but is successful, then the presale and listing rates do not change, but remain at their previously established levels. Instead the number of tokens for sale parameter is modified proportionally - in short less tokens are sold then were planned. The remaining tokens can either be burned automatically or refunded to the Presale Owner.


The whitelist feature allows Presale Owners to limit access to a pre-approved list of addresses. What is important: the whitelist can be lifted at any time during the presale ,thus essentially creating two separate phases, one private and one public, for the presale. This is the usual custom, however if you are looking to create a fully private presale then check out our Private Sale service which might be more suitable to your needs. Of course, if you do wish to do so, you absolutely can refrain from never lifting the whitelist in this Standard Sale variant.
In order to be able to use the whitelist functionality it is essential to set the whitelist parameter as activated during the presale creation process.
The whitelist should be set to "activated"
Once the presale has been created, you can go to the presale management page by going into the details of your presale and clicking MANAGE PRESALE. It is then possible to edit the whitelist, and even disable it. Remember, however that disabling the whitelist is irreversible. Also, each time you make changes to the whitelists composition, you must pay a very small gas fee to have the transaction confirmed on the blockchain.
You can also upload your whitelist as a .csv or .txt file, just remember to put commas, semicolons or periods between the respective addresses.
Editing the project's whitelist

Extra presale phase

Every Standard Presale features an additional limited access phase that starts 30 minutes before the official presale start. It is available only to users who have at least attained Tier 1 in Dexpanse's Engagement System. These users will need to burn a set amount of SGY tokens to partake in this special phase. Users of at least Tier 3 do not need to burn any SGY to take part in this presale phase. A maximum of 20% of the hardcap value can be filled during this special phase.