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Creating a Custom Token

Creating your own token on Dexpanse is surprisingly easy and takes only minutes.
In this tutorial we will show how to create an ERC-20 compatible standard token on the BSC Testnet. The steps for doing this on the Mainnet are almost exactly the same, but if you're fine with testing Dexpanse's services out completely for free then the Testnet is what you need.
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    If you haven't already, create a Metamask account, connect it to the right network and add some funds. For more information see Connecting to BSC Testnet, or Connecting to BSC Mainnet.
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    Input your Token name, Token symbol, Total supply, Decimals. Take a look here, If you need help with understanding what those are.
Test Token is Best Token
4. Decide if you want to create a Standard ERC-20 compatible token or the more advanced Deflationary or Reward tokens (again you can ream more about them here).
5. Enter your promo code if you have one.
Hint: You might be able o find a promo code on one of our Medium articles
6. Read and accept the Terms & Conditions an Privacy Policy and click the PAY FEE AND CREATE TOKEN button
7. Accept the transaction on Metamask (remember that the gas fee will be added to the transaction cost).
8. Click the ADD TOKEN TO YOU WALLET button to see the token in Metamask. Note that the token itself has already been added to your wallet regardless of clicking that button, it just won't be visible. If you have navigated away from the Token Builder finalization page too quickly, then you can use this tutorial to add your token to Metamask.
Token created! Yey!