Dexpanse Wiki


The Engagement Leaderboard shows the Top 100 wallet addressees in terms of accumulated Engagement Points. It will always also show your wallet's position, regardless if it is in the top 100 or not.
Each of the Top 100 users, provided that they are also Tier 5, can benefit from a very special airdrop mechanic and earn passive income along with Dexpanse. The smartcontracts governing Dexpanse's services will set aside 20% of all fees in a special Engagement Reward Pool. At set time and date every month a snapshot of the leaderboard positions will be made and the funds in the Engagement Reward Pool will be divided equally between the Top 100 users and airdropped to their wallets as BNB.
Note: as of now the Engagement System mechanic is live only on the Binance Smart Chain and the Engagement Reward Pool will only be funded from services on this network.